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Doctor Owen Harper

Licence to Thrill

18 January 1978
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Name: Doctor Owen Harper
Age: 29 years young!
Birthday: I was born on January 18th 1978!
Marks (scars, birthmarks, piercings, etc.): I have a few scars. Some from Weevil bites, which are still in agony. And a few gun shot wounds where Ianto shot me, the bastard!

Likes: Drinking and sex are at the forefront of my likes. Well, it's what I spend the majority of my time doing anyway.
Dislikes: Early mornings. Seriously, I'd rather die than get up way too early. And hangovers. Hurt like hell!
Quirks and Habits: Are we talking sexual quirks here? Cause I could make a
long list. If not, well I have a habit of biting down on my pens whenever in concentration.
Sexual Orientation: Straight...the majority of the time. I've kissed a few men in my life. Slept with them too, now you mention it. Ah the powers of drink.
Sexual History: Lost count! We have Diane, who was possibly one of the only people I actually loved that I had sex with. Oh and Gwen. Bloody fantastic she was! The rest of them seem to slip to the back of my mind.
Family: I have a dad called Ian and a mum called Margaret and an annoying
little brother called Chris. I try to have as little contact as
possible with them.
Friends: Well I suppose the Torchwood lot. Jack, Tosh, Gwen. Oh and I suppose Ianto.
Other: I seriously want to shoot that stupid bloody pet Torchwood insits on having! If it tries to eat anything belonging to me again, I swear I will.
History: Well I was a bit of a lad when I was young. Stuck in at school though. Became a Doctor. Which was fun. Hated the patients though. I suppose that would put most people off, but I enjoyed it. Then off to Torchwood I went. Been stuck here for about 5 years now.